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Purchased online after buying the laminated top version(also excellent) Paid $168.00 with shipping and gig bag included from Yankeebobs's Trading Co.(E-Bay Store)

This guitar is unbeleivable. Period. Tone, quality of workmanship, beauty, intonation. It has it all. The action is great right out of the box. the neck is straight as an arrow and no buzzing anywhere along the fingerboard.

The guitar needed some minor sanding/rounding of the rough cut saddle, which is bone. I replaced the tuners with gold Grover mini-rotomatics. Due to trouble with a tuner on my laminated JG-D30-N model, I decided to avoid trouble on this guitar.(recommended)

The construction is awesome.Solid mahogany sides with veneer mahogany back. Laminated solid mahogany neck. No glue drips at all inside. The finish is immaculate with no visable flaws. A beutiful and unexpected diamond like pearl inlay on the fretboard was beautifully done with no visable fills or flaws. The soundboard is not a B grade spruce as described in a previous review but is a 1st quality tight grain and produces great balanced tone with crisp highs and resonant lows. A nice herringbone trim on the sound board and down the center of the back. White binding on body. All joints were tight and well fitted.

I thought I would take a chance on the solid version since I liked the laminated top version so well. A great decision! The quality of this solid top "herrinbone"line Johnson is putting out may not last long. I don't know how it could with the price/quality of these instuments. You would be well advised to buy one now while you can. If you are looking for a starter through advanced guitar, this is recommended. Yes it's made in China. If you don't tell, no one will ever know. Try one before you spend a fortune for the same quality guitar elsewhere. P.S. Lifetime Warranty

Patrick rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-08.

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