Johnson JR200 Chicago Blues Squareneck Resonator Reviews 1

I ordered the instrument online from Folk of the Wood. I was interested in obtaining an inexpensive squareneck dobro to learn to play on. It cost 210.00+S&H.

It looked good!

Out of the box there was a tremendous buzz from the bass G string which required that it be sent back to FOTW for repair. It turns out that the two pieces that make up the back of the body had become delaminated. After two attempts to repair it the people at FOTW determined that it was irreparable. Over a month later I am without an instrument and still waiting for a resolution.

As outlined there was a manufacturers defect that made the instrument unplayable. I will not purchase instruments from Johnson again

Bottom line is that the construction of this model at least, is poor. It might be worth spending another $100-200 to get a better quality Regal or Morgan as a starter instrument. I'm not real happy with the service to date at Folk of the Wood.Damn

Damon Maes rated this unit 1 on 2003-08-14.

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