Johnson Reptone 15 Reviews 5

I got this amp with a Johnson guitar for $178 on EBAY.

The amp is durable. Its got metal corners and wont fall apart. When you kick the overdrive on man this thing screams. The switches can give u a moderate amount of distortion. When its really loud the u can feel the air through the speakers.

Well wen i crank this baby up with the over drive and ur not playin there is alot of feedback and buzzing which kinda gets annoying. but all amps will have feedback wen cranked all the way up

This thing was made to last and it will last. Its carpeted with a dark green color carpet and the edges are metal so they wont break.

this amp kicks some butt and should be way more than the price i got it for. go ahead and buy it you wont be sorry

Chris rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-23.

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