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I have been searching for a great classical w/pick-ups for many years.I eventualy purchase a 1970 Ramirez (3,800)but realized I still wanted a top of the line classical w/p.u and a cut-away.I decided to just have one custom built until i went into a Guitar Center in Sac.CA.first the name compelled me to try the guitar (dispite the price of 1,800 bones)

this guitar looks great,sounds even better and plays like it was made just for me.Ramirez guitars have been around since 1882 and they know how to build guitars(trust me,I have two Ramirez gutars 30 years apart)The Fishman p.u. system is a dual source(ribbon and mic)and blows my Yamaha and L.R.Baggs out of the water.I played all three guitars through a cheap amp and the Ramirez made the other guitars sound like toys.

it is such a nice and exspensive guitar,i worry about leaveing the house with it to play my shows.I constantly got one eye on it

It's a Ramirez.'nuff said

The Ramirez 2cwe is simply the best classical guitar and i've traveled and played many guitars.I had my eye on a Cordoba,Talkamemie(sp?),Yamaha,Fender etc.I played the Ramirez for 10 minutes,made up my mind right there.Bought the guitar on the spot.The search is over.

key of Ebm rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-27.

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