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This guitar has a canadian red cedar top with a rosewood side and back. A spanish cedar neck with an ebony fretboard. I've been dabbling with classical guitar for years, but never really got serious.

I paid about $1800 for this guitar online at Musicians' Friend. I was looking for a nice handmade guitar, but figured if I went with a luthier I would end up paying thousands more. Jose Ramirez has a pretty good reputation from what I've read, so I ponied up the Benjamins and here we have it.

I love that it's hand made and the use of cedar. You know you're not playing an inexpensive instrument with these types of woods. The guitar is very easy to play and is quite comfortable as well. It even comes with a humidity controlled case to ensure the wood stays at the appropriate environmental controls..

Construction and quality are very good. You can tell the unit is handmade in my opinion, it certainly doesn't have a machined feel to it, but the fit and finish are excellent. I have no problems with it in this regard, and plan to take very good care of it so I don't expect to be dropping and bumping to test it out on the road or something like that. This will stay in my recording studio and probably will never venture out.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. $1800 is a lot to spend on a guitar for someone like me, so this Jose Ramirez R2 will most likely stay in my family long after I'm gone. It's beautiful and it sounds great. What more could I want?

DiamondDave rated this unit 3 on 2010-03-04.

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