Jose Ramirez R3 Reviews 4

I aquired this unit while on vacation in Connecticut at Sam Ash. The cost was $1,450.00 (which includes the case). The model was manufactured in the year 2000.

The sound is very good. It projects nicely and plays very well. The wood on the back and sides (laminated Indian Rosewood) is deep and grainy (very appealing). Good quality tuning pegs. Excellent solid Cedar top.

Small flaws in the finish and glue. Although small, for this manufacturer there should be none. I noticed three. One on the neck from pre-finishing, one on the bridge (glue) and one on the neck/top joint. Just like the women that I date, I am a sucker for good sound and I overlook flaws to hear it ;-)

Quality control needs to improve. Mostly, I purchase guitars for sound. I have a few beaters; which, I don't mind at all, as long as they sound well. This guitar has great sound and plays very well. I get many compliments about this guitar. I am the only one that has noted the flaws. I have a several other classical guitars for comparison of sound and quality.

I still feel that this guitar has excellent sound and projection. I do hope that the flaws mentioned are just a fluke. There are many other compeditors that are making excellent guitars for comparable prices. I hope that Ramirez doesn't loose its reputation, but I must be forward about my findings. I probably would purchase another product manufactured by this company.

Adam Spencer rated this unit 4 on 2002-11-02.

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