Judd Younce Chord Conquering Reviews 5

Where Obtained: www.ChordC.com Why: I was tired of not being able to play songs because I didn't know the chords. I wanted a chord program that was easy to use and understand. Price: $24.95 (new)

Chord Conquering is a detailed masterpiece!!! The beauty of this program is that it helps advanced players as well as beginners. It has virtually every chord imaginable laid out right in front of you. This program is easy to install, comprehend, and apply.

I can honestly say that I use Chord Conquering every time I play my guitar. So there is nothing NOT to like about it. It is truly a Revolutionary Guitar Program!

It contains Photos, Diagrams, Animation, and String Sounds for 2,820 Guitar Chords! Also included are special features like a Chord Finder, a Chord Search, and links to Web Sites with over thousands of tabbed out songs. The interface is very clean, intuitive and easy to navigate, while the diagrams and pictures are truly first-rate.

Chord Conquering makes the rest of the guitar chord programs seem obsolete! An absolute must have for every guitarist, no matter what their level of competence is.

Judd Younce rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-20.

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