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The KAM RT1 is a Dynamic Moving Coil Cardioid Microphone in a black casing much like the Sennheiser E935. It features and internal rubber shock mount system and has a max SPL of 136dB. It comes with a mic clip and a storage pouch. KAM is based of of IL and was started by Kamran Salehi a few years back but is relatively new in the market.

This item was won by myself at 2010 Summer NAMM in Nashville, TN. MSRP is $79.


The only thing you can remove from this microphone is the grill and I love that - less parts means less things that can break, fall off, or blow up! The casing itself is extremely heavy duty and the grill is one of the sturdiest, least bendable I've seen. When I did an A/B test against the Shure SM58 and seemed to have about the same frequency response.

It had a somewhat high self-noise and handling noise. The clip provided is very flimsy. Barely holds the mic and will fall off if you bump the mic stand. Cheap fix, though! Super heavy microphones don't play well with rubbery mic stands!

Like I said above, the mic is built like a brick wall and the metal mesh grill is impenetrable. The mic clip is very weak and MUST be replaced if you plan to use this mic on stage! Can't seem to find any information on their website about the origin of the components but at this price I would assume they are foreign.

Guestimating a street price of around $65, this microphone will be a good buy for smaller venues or local bands just looking to get started and on a tight budget. Way too much handling noise for a studio of any kind. Definitely only good for live applications. It gets the job done and will most likely last you a while. Be sure to buy yourself a nice new clip, though!

AlexV rated this unit 3 on 2010-06-28.

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