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Bought online on eBay. Bought this amp because of an older KMD I had that was "The one that got away!!" Around $180.

This amp has a classic British tone, but it also has it's own characteristics. One cool thing is that this model had seperate eq (bass, mid, treble, and prescence) for each channel. This amp is LOUD!!! Solid state preamp, which most people would cringe about, BUT, I don't know why so many people are against this. Sure, it doesn't sound like a tube preamp, but does that make it bad? No, it makes it different, and as they say in the bedroom, it's all in how you use it!! I personally like having both tube and solid state amps because of their differing approaches to sound. Very strong power section using a 100 watt transformer and 2 6L6GC tubes. Built like a rock, dirty and nasty sounding, unique look.

Like most Brit amps, not much reverb, or bass for that matter. But, this is not necessarily a bad thing because these amps were made to be played loud. So, too much bass or reverb would kill the prescence and thrust this amp can provide. My solution? Play in the garage, LOUD LOUD LOUD!!! The company is out of business as far as I know, so no tech support.

KMD's build quality while they were still in England was excellent. I would rate it almost as heavy built as most Peavey stuff. This one was made to be gigged and toured with, I would not hesitate to play it hard all the time, in fact I do!!!

If your looking for a unique amp, one that not many people have, and something with it's own voice, GET ONE!!! You can find KMD's in pawn shops and music stores for cheap, much cheaper than thier performance would suggest. Like all Brit amps, don't pass judgement until you crank it, these aren't toys, they are bazookas!! I would only purchase the hybrid ones myself (solid state preamp-tube power amp), as I don't really care for the all solid state ones. The older combo versions use Celestion speakers for that kill tone!! Dont buy ones with the silver and blue logo, only the silver and red. The blue ones were cheap imports, and cannot rival the older Brit models. I cannot say enough about this amp, try it out, and find your unique tone!!

Kelley rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-29.

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