KORG PX4B ToneWorks Reviews 5

I needed a more compact, easy to use bass guitar effect, i heard about this PX4B but did'nt have the chance to find one here in the middle east, until i went to tucson arizona and walk-in to the guitar center, and actually saw one, the sales person was excellent he showed me right away what it could do and right there i got myself one. i now use this effect in all my gigs and studio recording with a little effort with much bigger production outcome. more power to all you guys and keep on rockin.

i love my PX4B because of the easy to use and compact appearance, since you can attached it to your guitar strap it makes it easier to manupulate and move around the stage with nothing to worry.

i don't find any thing hassle about my PX4B korg effect. its the dream of every musician on the road, and you can take that to the bank.

its handy, compact and its like having a studio in your pocket. quality wise its awesome.

you can never find anything to compare with PX4B ToneWorks KORG, its one complete bass effect rolled in to one.

Jo Aspiras bassman rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-21.

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