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I was about 8 years old, having taken 2 years of piano lessons. My father got it at a Sam's Club. It was purchased because at the time (1987) it did a seemingly good job of simulating a real piano. Damage: $2000.(?) In about 1998 I was told the blue book value was $600.

It has weighted keys (a little lead weight inside each key.) It feels pretty real. It's portable. I took it off the stand it came with and put it on a gig stand. With the extra sound cards, it has a total of 120 voices, plus you can layer the voices or split the keyboard. It is a full size keyboard with 88 keys. I never realized its full potential. I think I could run a midi out to an effects box back to a midi in and it would sound awesome.

At this point in time, the technology is outdated. It only sustains 16 notes at once (or 8 layered or chorused). The piano sounds constantly like it's out of tune. I never really seemed to find the purpose of all the different voices. To get to all the sounds, you have to switch out the expansion cards from a port on the top. I think I may have lost one or two of them. I can get a better sound (as far as I know...) from a cheap keyboard from radio shack.

Wow, I've had that thing a longgggg time. Still works as well as when I first got it. Once was running an electric guitar through the speakers of it. It blew a fuse. Replaced the fuse myself and continued to use it as a guitar speaker (until I got an amp...) I have loaned it to a friend to play in our band (term used loosely). At this point in time, it sucks as far as I can tell, and I don't know if I can upgrade it or sell it and get something better.

This dinosaur still keeps on roaring. If you come across one and just want something that feels real to practice on, it's a bargain. I don't know if it's upgradeable, but if so, I want to upgrade it. It feels real to my fingers, but hurts my ears(I exagerate.) Don't use it for performance, but decent for practice.

Aaron Hall in NW FL rated this unit 3 on 2004-09-15.

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