Kahler 2400 Bass Tremolo Reviews 4

Gold Finish, cams and saddles that are hand made out of 360HH brass and designed to drop onto any flat top bass.

I bought a used bass that had one of these, but I was looking for one to do some less claypool sort of stuff.

It nice to be able to do some different sorts of pitch bends other then just bending the strings, it allows you to play some leads just like a guitar with dive bombs and wilder pitch bends.

It is very expensive for what it does. When you move the tremolo it does not change the pitch as dramatically as it would with a guitar. And generally while playing bass you will not need it unless you are playing some quirky stuff or if you and playing a solo. Also if you pull up on the tremolo bar to raise the pitch, it tends to stick 1/2 step higher then you had tuned it to, but if you press down on it, it will go back to its normal pitch when you release.

Well constructed, will not break your strings even after extended use. Will hold together after years of use.

If you can find a used one, it would be worth it, but they are quite expensive for the use you get out of it. But well last you for a long time.

ctargia rated this unit 4 on 2010-05-10.

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