Karina ARB - Semi Acoustic Reviews 5

Bought from the Fiddle Shop for $289 New Zealand, very cheap for a semi aco.

This is a great guitar. Looks just like the Ovation model with lots of sound holes on the top half of the body. Also has a carbon fibre back and sides which the most of the Ovation Semi-Acoustic's have. Has a great standard pickup (worth $300) with volume, bass, treble, middle and prescence controls. The acoustic properties of the guitar plugged and unplugged are excellent.

Change the strings you get standard with the guitar, they are crap! The pickup uses a battery, be sure to change before a gig!

The construction of the guitar is quite good. The woods used; rosewood for the neck and maple for the top are great. The headstock is awesome to. The only "bad" thing that I can think of is before I bought the guitar the leaf design on the body had come off a bit. Was fixed though. Have'nt had any more problems so far.

For the price ($289 NZ) the guitar is the best you get from the same bracket. The craftsmanship is excellent and the guitars low action neck plays beautifully. Come's in different colours, mines blue but ive seen a brown one too. If YOU see one, make sure you grab it. A excellent buy. :)

Sean Jamieson rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-21.

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