Kelly Concepts LLC Kelly SHU Bass Drum Microphone Mounting System Reviews 5

As its name implies, the Kelly SHU is a horseshoe-shaped mounting device (available in aluminum or a cheaper composite version) that will hold just about any microphone, allowing it to be mounted in the same position night after night by using an adjustable rubber cord suspension system that provides both shock proofing and flexibility. The SHU can be mounted inside the bass drum using the cords and leather mounting tabs (also supplied) or outside the drum's front head by hooking the cords to the head's mounting lugs and positioning the SHU over a sound port cut in the front head. (Kelly recommends a 6' diameter port to accommodate most popular bass drum microphones.)

This was a demo unit supplied by Kelly Concepts LLC, the manufacturer.

Easy installation with clear instructions. Solid workmanship that handles most popular microphones.

A slight problem with the thickness of the leather hooks used for internal mounting is being addressed by the manufacturer. Even as currently supplied, the thickness is not a substantial drawback.

Nicely done. Rugged constructuion offered at two price points.

The Kelly SHU bass drum microphone mounting system is a simple, effective and reasonably priced alternative to the migraine headache of achieving consistent kick drum mic placement in a variety of situations. Our sound engineer was very pleased with the SHU's ease of installation and its ability to place our chosen mic in precisely the right position to deliver a tight, punchy, deep bass drum sound -- 'the ideal mix of slap and boom,' as he put it. The Kelly SHU is available direct from Kelly Concepts and at retailers. The SHU Pro (Aluminum) has an MSRP price of $129.95 USD and an average street price of $99.95. The SHU Composite carries an MSRP of $62 USD and an average street price of $51.95.

Dave Molter rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-07.

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