Kentucky KM-140 Mandolin Reviews 4

Bought from Rudy's Music on 48th Street in Manhattan for $15. A film score I was writing required a mandolin accompaniment.

For the money I paid, the craftsmanship seems quite good. Despite having large fingers and being accustomed to the guitar neck, I was able to do some playing right away on this instrument. The finish looks good, and though there have been strings strung to pitch for two years on it, there's no sign that the bridge is giving in.

At this price, nothing, really.

Satisfactory. I don't expect Gibson F-5 quality on a budget instrument.

The clerk at Rudy's recommended this model for a beginner and I think he's right. I've been able to learn rudimentary chords and some melodic picking on this instrument with no training. This mandolin plays more easily than my old $200 Yamaha acoustic.

Derek Mok rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-23.

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