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A month ago I was looking for a vintage tube amplifier on Ebay Germany because my old Marshall stopped working for good. After a while looking at those old Vox, Engl, Marshall and Mesa amps and (!) their price I read an article about an old German company named Klemt (Dynacord). They were said to have produced a originally PA full tube back in 1959, called the Echolette M40. So I tried searching for one on ebay and finally got it for 60 $ (+ 13 $ shipping).

When I got the pack from ebay I was kinda scared at first. The amp looked really screwed up and tiny. It was really dirty and didn't seem to work at first. En plus there was no modern power plug included. SO we had to put in a new plug first. After that I connected the 15 Ohms output to my Marshall 4*12" cabinet plugged in my Les Paul and then faced the ultimate sound. This 45 year old little amp with 40 watts sinus power almost blew my Marshall speaker away. It was after that long time still working and in best ever sound condition. Ok the potis and some other things had to be checked out but after 1 hr at my amp technicians house and a bit of contact spray and 1 (!) new elko (about 2.50 $) and 10 $ payment the amp was in almost new condition again. This little monster has 4 channels (bridgeable like with Marshalls), mids and bass potis and (!) a master volume. Inside it's completely handwired (!) and full tube. Its got 5 ECC83's, 2 EZ81 and 4 EL 84 tubes working. The sound in clean is like the Fender Twin and in distortion like the Vox AC30. Best run it is with 2*30 greenbacks Celestion. I have never ever played a better amp and its suitable for almost every type of music. But best for the oldschool rock. :) And I got it for freakin 60$ !

I like everything about it. It's a perfect sounding workhorse


Guitarmax rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-05.

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