Korg Toneworks PX3B Reviews 5

Paid $100 for new unit on eBay. I bought it primarily for practice with headphones and the built-in drum patterns. The effects were secondary, but have been getting quite a bit of use!

Lots of features, easy to navigate, ultra portable, affordable, and good sound to boot! My playing immediately improved by practicing with the drum tracks, and I've been able to experiment with different rhythmic styles. Connecting a CD player and playing along is nice.

Some of the settings are a bit noisy, possibly because of their default settings. The noise is even more pronounced if the unit is plugged in inline between the bass guitar and the amp, but is significantly cleaner if connected through the amp's effects loop (send/receive).

Controls are small enough for the unit to be portable, but are large enough to find easily. The unit has gone with me all over the place and hasn't failed yet.

This is an excellent piece of equipment for practice! Note: If you are using this on battery power, remember to turn off the display backlight in order to significantly increase battery life. Remove the batteries if you use an external power supply for long duration.

abarson rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-24.

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