Korg Tone Works AX1500G Reviews 5

Guitar playing experience of 6 years

Purchased at Guitar Center for around $200.00

Easy interface. Awesome effect qualilty.

Limited on amount of simultaneous effects.

Very durable metal case. Survived 2 ft. of flood water due to Katrina.

Highly recommend this product. If it can be submerged in water for a week and still work it can go through anything.

cdm rated this unit 5 on 2005-11-14.

Bought it at a local music store for $220 + a Digitec RP3 trade in. I like their reverbs and effects in their midi sound modules so I gave it a try.

It has decent stereo reverbs for just about anything you can plug into it for recording direct. Very original sound possibilities for guitar and bass. Surprizingly great for bass as a matter of fact. It's controls are very versitile and easy to use. The acoustic simulator, distortions and chorus effects are very, very cool. Nice addition for home or studio recording.

The wah effect isn't too swift. It doesn't really do any emulation that sounds quite like the real thing. It works much better with a stereo power amp than with a regular guitar amp. There's no midi i/o or s/pdif output and it can't be upgraded.

It's made well with an all metal exterior and the interface is nice. The sound quality is still fantastic and full range without a digital out.

It's not perfect but I wouldn't part with it... until maybe the next model comes out.

RFW rated this unit 5 on 2001-11-13.

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