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I used to own a Korg AX100G I liked the sounds so I progressed up.I purchased it for 159 from a local music shop.

It is very robust and it's options for creating sounds are limitless.You really need to spend alot of time playing with this model to get the sounds you want.The Drive amp sounds are better than the AX100G and so too are the Ambience and Modulation selections.It is very easy to set-up and there are probably too many permitations to deal with? But that's a good thing!I've spent hours and getting new sounds all the time.

I've got small feet so I'm ok.But the pedals are too close together.To go down a bank you have to press two pedals together!! It takes a bit of practise but can be done but not if you have large feet? Could have more connections at the back for recording.

Construction is excellent.No complaints here.

Excellent unit.Here is a huge tip for you-I connect directly from the headphone socket to my amp this gives an awesome sound(the book states that you get the best from the unit when a stereo output is used).Connect you guitar into the unit without the amp and use a set of headphones,this will clarify the above point.The cabinet models are sometimes best left switched off if going directly through an amp.No matter what you will get the sound you want.

Martin Ballamy rated this unit 4 on 2004-08-29.

Bought at Sam Ash for $299.99, came with a free acoustic guitar as part of a promo.

I can get any sound I want in a short amount of time. Perfection of course takes a little longer, but I don't think I've ever spent more than 5 minutes trying to get a specific sound. And it only gets quicker as you learn what you're doing. Effects are good and useful. Individual mode is the best part about this unit. I would have returned it immediately if it weren't for this nifty feature, as you can turn the effects on and off (you can't do that with the patches). If you're concentrating on just playing, and have good control of your toes, you can make minor adjustments on the fly. ;)

-acoustic sim is a bit weak. at best it sounds like an unplugged electric. it's tolerable. -picks up AM radio stations when distortion is on...but goes away when you start playing. no big deal. -certain distortions sometimes have an overly digital quality to them, but tweaking the settings usually takes care of this. -don't play this with shoes on unless you're devoting your full attention to it. I usually play barefoot so it isn't a problem for me, but I do speak from experience. -a couple effects such as the pitch shifter sound horrible. if you ever need to use such a thing, buy it separately and save yourself the trouble. the "traveler" pedal is almost entirely useless, most especially if your drive settings have a lot of treble to begin with. also, certain effects can't be combined, but this usually doesn't present a problem...it just prevents really odd combinations. -finally, the delay speed CANNOT be changed on the fly. No Radiohead-esque leads here folks. Turning the knob generates a static noise, but (just to clarify) it does go away once the knob has stopped turning.

Solid. No doubt about it. Heavy and metal.

Great for the price...tons of sounds, a good amount of effects, and EASY TO USE!!! I became a "pro" after just a weekend, playing through a stereo of all things! Disregard most of the negatives, I'm a nitpicker ;)

Brendan rated this unit 4 on 2003-07-12.

I was looking for a versatile unit for under $400, After searching around I went to www.musiciansfriend.com and cmae across the KORG. I purchased it online for $313.95+ sh.& hdl. After a wrong delivery (by UPS) I went searching for the unit inthe blizzard we were having in Chicago. I didn't find it until the next day. I brought it in, thawed it out, and it worked perfectly!!

I really like the endless array of quality effects. (56 types total) The noise reduction is also top notch. No need to worry about early fading with that digital cut-off and noise!! With 48 user/48 preset options, even Steve Vai would be hard-pressed to fill them all up!! I also like the ease of operation when writing patches.

The only thing I don't like about the unit is that there is a very minute silence between patch switching. This is very annoying live, but can be dealt with, with a little fore-thought!!

I guess the best feature of all is the heavy metal construction. (around 5 lbs.) If you can't lift a gallon of milk, don't hurt yourself with this unit!! Having dealt with other KORG products, I know the quality is well preserved inside!!

Even when Korg comes out with their new models, this one will always have a place on my studio floor!!

David Rasch rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-17.

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