Korg Toneworks AX-1500G Reviews 4

Bought at a local store for $333 [Singapore]

This unit is quite good to me. Very versatile and lots of weird effects you can create. And the cool thing is it has a phase-trainer / sample & play, where you can record ur licks or rhythm for a few seconds, playback and there you can practice your licks. This unit also gives a good sound for solo...with various type of DRIVE amps to choose, with an addition of a CABINET effects, it really can create those low-drive, warm and clean mellow-type solo sounds.

If you're into HEAVY METAL sounds, you'll be disappointed. This effect lack that kind of efficiency to produce those kinda sounds. And this unit doesnt have a compressor/sustainer effect which i expected. The expression pedal too are not that deep compare to those like digitech's.

Made in china. The design are good and heavy due to the metal casing. Quite rugged and durable only for the casing, for the knobs, well made of plastic. Overall, this unit looks fierce in a way, and always makes me wanna jam with it everytime i see it.

This effect not meant for HEAVY METAL..cos lack of CRUNCH, CONTROLS and GAIN. But its good for those into blues, jazz, funk and other genre cos this unit can produce quite decent sounds. Suitable for all players except players who are into HEAVY METAL sounds.

m@iL rated this unit 4 on 2005-01-14.

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