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I started piano at 8 in 1953 and took "classical" lessons until about 15 and played the "standards" on the side. I took improvisational jazz for about a year and learned more about what music was made of than all previous years. I can't say I ever played really well, but started making up music at about 13, derailed by drugs in the 60s, and finally started writing down songs and saving them in 1974. My style is influenced by songs I heard on our Ampico/Chickering player piano while growing up (classical and 20s-40s stuff).

Bought the Korg DP-3000C at Sam's for about $1200 for several reasons: portability, felt like a piano, full keyboard, a "new" thing call MIDI, but the most exciting part was the Koto sound. I had written a couple of songs on piano with Japanese motif but lacked the sound I had imagined until I played this in the store.

Midi In-Out-Thru ports, audio out port, sustain pedal, progammability for different MIDI channels, Omni and Poly modes, ability to layer & adjust balance on sounds.

Not multi-timbral, piano sounds aren't too hot, and limited to 16-note polyphony.

Heavy, solid and weighted keys are as close to a piano as I have tried.

I love this in spite of its limitations. I have used it for a master control keyboard and have linked it to tone modules (Boss, Yamahah, Kurzweil) and other smaller keyboards to get the sounds I'm satisfied with. I can connect it to my computer and record in audio or MIDI.

Bob Palmer rated this unit 4 on 2005-11-12.

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