Korg SP-100 Digital Piano Reviews 5

Last month, my husband and I bought a new Korg Sp-100 at Yamano Music Shop in Jiyugaoka, Japan for 60,000. Japanese Yen equivalent to less than USD 450.00 It was on sale but in other shops it was JY 90,000 equivalent to less than USD 800.00.

We like it so much. The weight is perfect. It has more features than a regular piano. The numbers and weight of keys are the same as the real piano. It has recording function which means you can record the music you played. It has adjustable stand. It has MIDI and headphones which you can either use for gigs or practice without disturbing anybody. It has pedal and sound of other instruments. Above all it's very affordable. It's worth your money.

For this price you can really expect great features. The only thing we don't like is that you can't store the music you played when you turn it off. It deletes the music automatically.

For me it's perfect. The quality of the sound and the keyboard as a whole is perfect. Everything you need in a keyboard is in Korg SP-100.

The thing is it's worth your money and you don't need to buy an upright piano or grand piano to hear the same sound.

eirrechjamie rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-13.

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