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Ok so what can you say about a Metronome, it should keep time and have a good range of speeds, this one does that from 40 to 208BPM. Instruction manual is very good and explains the features in enough detail to understand. It looks good and appears to be built pretty well for what it is. It also has a beat tap feature to get the tempo just wh... [read more on Audiofanzine]

tonmazz rated this unit 3 on 2012-08-07.

I paid $32.99 at a local guitar store for this metronome.

Small, adjustable volume is great.

I HATE the beats per minute adjustment. There are two buttons. You hit them for a short time to adjust by 1 bpm. If you hold it down it then jumps by 20 bpm. This unit would be FAR more desireable if it went in jumps of 10 bpm. For instance, if you want 110 bpm you have to go to 100 or 120 bmp then hit one of the buttons 10 times. It's WAY too slow.

Quality is OK. The LCD screen is not very good though. If you look at it at any angle other than straight on you see all possible conditions of the LCD.

I wish I had bought the Wittner MT60 metronome. It also has adjustable volume, but it has an old-fasioned bpm wheel adjustment that I think would work much better.

Beginner rated this unit 3 on 2004-03-18.

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