Kramer 15B Reviews 5

I got this little amp from for $70.

It sounds great. You have a lot of room to play around with the sound. I've played a lot of bass amps where the lows sound to muffled and the mids and highs sounded to spaced out or "hollow". This amp doesn't do that. The sound is very full and equal. Loud enough for a small room. Just to add a twist to the sound (there are two input jacks, one for high output and one for low) I plugged my guitar into the low jack. While I play the guitar, I leave the bass plugged in with a light distortion (Arion Tubulator) on just to give a little buzz or feed back. It sounds awesome.

The only thing is that on the back, where the cord comes out, the hole to store it in is only about 2" wide. It's kindof hard to store like that. Other than that very little detail, nothing.

Cinder block. I weigh about 180 and am 6' 3", pretty big guy, and I can actually sit on it and it does nothing. I had a little 10W amp that would literally scream if you sat on it (sounds like a weight issue!), this one is as quiet as can be.

Get it. If you dont have an Ampeg or Marshall, get this little practice amp. It can reach about 60db or more! Its awesome

Michael rated this unit 5 on 2004-12-24.

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