Kramer K-15B Reviews 4

I got this from It came in the whole package, so I thought it would be a good deal. I was gonna need a small practice amp anyways, so I went ahead and bought the $187.99 BassRig package.

It produces the sound i want. Loud enough for a single room. Simple control panel. Small enough to fit in the corner.

It produces too much fuzz so you might have to fiddle with the controls to get the desired sound. A simple adjustment reduces most of the excess noise.

The shipping didnt damage anything, and it looks sturdy enough to sit on. But I don't plan on sitting on it anytime soon. Nice black finish, everything looks good.

It's a good pratice amp. End of story. It gives you the practice sound you want and need. You can probably buy a better one if you spent more money but I just got this with the package, so I am happy. The package is a good deal, of that's what you're looking for.

iostream_H rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-23.

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