Kramer Aluminum Neck DMZ Series Reviews 4

They run $300 - $600 depending on model and condition. I've had a few, and my favorite is the PJ setup I have now.

The sound is off the wall. The heavy body and cast aluminum neck, plus the PU set and switches can loosen your fillings and maybe fuse your vertebrae. They also look very cool with the two prong fork of a headstock and ivory PUs.

FOURTEEN POUNDS. Did I mention it weighs 14 lb ?

Cast Aluminum neck, no tension rod needed. Headstock integral with main casting, 2+2 Sperzle tuners. Dimarzio PJs, passive with switches for coil tap or series parallel, not sure which purpose but very effective. Ebanol [composite] fretboard with zero fret. Don't know how to measure radius, but the fretboard is noticably arched like an old Fender neck. These things are very solid. Even the rear cover is thick aluminum. Bridge is heavy stamping with keyhole anchors in the base. The PUs have adjustable pole slugs. As with most Kramers of the period, the tone knob does little or nothing.

As a studio bass, it has a unique but very useful range of tones but as a gig bass you have to weigh over 250lb and frequent a gym to wear it all night. Tone can be anywhere from piano to thud-farts, and very sensitive to string choice. Also very sensitive to touch, and easily played by tapping. You want endless sustain ? You got it. If you want less sustain, you need decent muting ability. The only reason I'm not rating it a 5 is weight. Did I mention the weight ? 14 lb.

golem rated this unit 4 on 2003-04-07.

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