Kramer Baretta 4 String Reviews 4

I bought this bass guitar online at, for $200 US.

The five position rotary switch, combined with the two volumes and the tone control, gives a ridiculous number of tonal options, without touching your amp. It plays very easy, with nice low action, the tuners are solid, the neck pickup makes a nice thumb rest.

The action was a little too low. The strings buzz quite audibly. I'm not sure whether I'll be able to fix this myself, or whether I'll need to get a professional setup. A pro job would probably be best.

It has neck through body construction, two humbucking pickups, two volume controls and one tone control, and a five position rotary switch to change the wiring setup of the pickups (parallel, series, etc.)

This is my first bass guitar. I've been playing guitar for almost two years now. It seems like an excellent beginner bass. It plays easy, it isn't too heavy, and best of all, it cost me next to nothing. The only other bass in this price range would be a Squier P-bass. Yeah, right. This thing is _much_ better, I know, I've tried many Squires. An excellent beginner bass. Other than the buzzy action, I can find nothing wrong with it.

pfhlick rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-28.

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