Kramer Barretta 4 String Bass Guitar Reviews 4

I purchased this bass on a clearance from MusicYo for $149. I wanted to updgrade from a Peavey Milestone II (P-Bass copy).

The neck is extremely fast and comfortable. Much better than the Peavey (J-Bass dimensions). The pickup selector does give tremendous tone/level variation. The tuners are rock solid. The string spacing at the bridge is wider than other basses I have played. It helps me to pluck more distinctly.

The pickup height is non-adjustable. I stripped a screw trying to loosen it up. The tuners are under the headstock, causing you to THINK before you grab a knob. The E string is FARTHEST out.

The volume knobs have some dead spots at the end of their travel which can kill the output. The body construction shows no flaws. Paint finish is uniform. The neck is painted black, with a beutiful dark piece of rosewood for the fretboard. My setup was also too low. I loosened the truss rod slightly and raised a few saddles with the included allen wrenches. I can't judge the quality of the pickups - they sound fine to me. If you need better, they can be replaced.

The Kramer guitars from MusicYo provide exceptional value. Solid Korean construction. Excellent playability. Low Prices. I highly recommend this bass for beginners, or someone moving up, on a budget.

Steve Barrett rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-02.

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