Kramer Focus 420S (Right-handed) Reviews 5

The Kramer (a division of Gibson) Focus 420S bass guitar: I bought this 4-string off of, which is a great place for basses, guitars, amps, and other music stuff. It normally costs about $100 there, but I bought a starter bass package for $190. It included a Kramer bass amp, MusicYo gigbag, quality strap, guitar/bass tuner, and 10' cord. A sweet deal to say the least.

It was cheap, as evident by the above paragraph. It plays well, too. Aesthetically pleasing (vintage sunburst with black pickguard), this bass caught my eye quickly. Not much to say except that its very fun to play, has a great sound

It is probably not of the best quality, just because it is kind of a beginner's bass (in this writer's opinion). A more serious bass player might like to check out the other Kramer basses, or perhaps the Tobias and Steinbergers on However, for me, its fantastic.

Not exactly to contradict the last paragraph, but the Focus 420S really is a quality instrument. especially where price is concerned. It seems to be assembled perfectly and all that. Solid everything.

A great idea for any bassists, but especially for anyone who is just starting.

Adam Williamson rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-27.

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