Kramer Focus 420S Bass Reviews 5

I went to the Gibson website and got directed to I bought the package for $187.99. It was a whole package and i liked the price it was offering.

It was a very good deal. I got the red one and it looks very nice. Sounds very good. I've played on a few really expensive basses and I tell you, this one sounds pretty good for a beginner bass. I won't say it sounds better but it gives you what you want. Sounds very nice when you tune it and if you know how to play.

The factory tuning was horrible. They tuned the first string to a high G. I broke the string trying to tune it. But the local music store gave me a free string and tuned it for me. I got the package and the amp is pretty good except it creates a little fuzz. Also, they had a protective plastic layer on the pick guard and it was a pain to remove.

It is very well constructed. Nothing really bad has gone wrong in the time that I've had it. Looks and feels nice. I like it.

I've had it for little time, but I liked it from the moment I pulled it out of the box. MusicYo was very good too. I got it in less than a week. Overall, I am very pleased, shipping was good about not hurting it, so everything went just fine. If you are looking for a cheap bass package, go for the BassRig but if you jsut want a cheap bass, get the Focus 420S.

iostream_H rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-23.

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