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I bought this bass new ($400) in the 80's because the neck was so damn perfect!

The intonation was incredibly accurate right up to the highest frets. This is NOT one of those aluminum neck monstrosities. From what I understand, Kramer only made the decal on the headstock. The rest of the instrument was made for them by ESP, back when they were good. It's a PJ copy with the best action of any bass I've ever owned. I replaced the pickups with active alembics, but I sometimes miss the sparkling highs of the stock double jazz bridge pickup. This bass is my number one instrument. I can do things on it that I can't on any other bass. Everyone I've ever let touch it is instantly impressed.

There's nothing I don't like about this bass, other than the fact that it would be impossible to replace, so I'm always scared it'll get stolen or smashed.

The neck is still perfect; after 20 years of use (with round wounds!)the frets have been crowned, but not replaced yet. Doesn't even have any buzzes to speak of. The bridge is a gold schaller, which is one of the best ever put on a bass.

Best fender style bass on the planet. I shouldn't even post this, cause it'll just make it harder for me to buy another one as a back-up.

Steve Infinity rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-02.

Found in a pawnshop, an incredible Fender P-bass copy. Under $250.

A really incredible Fender P-bass copy, has a few features improving upon the Fender design like access to electronics w/out removing anything but a back cover. Access to the truss rod without removing the neck. Jumbo frets, maple neck with skunk stripe, very nice finish work, gold-plated quality hardware. A real thumper. This bass is one of the hard to find Made in USA instruments, and that quality is obvious compared to the overseas basses, especially after Gibson bought out the Kramer company.

Nothing really save the fact that they were such a close replica of a Fender, that when they first came out, Fender sued them. Thus it would be hard to replace it.

Great, solid construction. No corners cut anywhere. A much nicer bass than the Standard (Mexican) Fender, for a lot less money.

I recommend these highly if you can find one. Kramer is noted for those funky metal basses with the split headstocks, these are a real pleasant and quality surprise diversion from those.

JBM rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-17.

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