Kramer Pioneer Bass Reviews 5

I was in a music store one day and saw what I thought was a Fender P-Bass (1979). I saw that it was a Kramer(?)never heard of it before but picked it up and played it and instantly fell in love with the action and range of sounds. Paid $180.00 for it.

Having owned 3 P-Basses '71,'76 &'81, a '64 Rickenbacker (my favorite) & a'90 American Fender Jazz. I found that I gig with the Kramer the most because of it's versatility. Other than changeing strings it's never brokedown going on 25 yrs.

If I have to pick on something the Gold plating finally gave way about 5 yrs ago.

Great quality woods neck still straight as an arrow, stays in tune, finish has yellowed slightly.

If you can find one buy it, you'll like it.

Bill V. rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-13.

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