Kramer Striker 522S Reviews 5

Well it all started out by me going to a freinds church to see this new bass. So when i got there, i played and i feel in love. I meet the owner the next day and he said that he would sell it to me for $285 dollers. I got the bass because its action quit low and it is fulley ajustible for just in case i want to change it back.

I love the finger board (24 fret;Indian Rose wood). It is really easy to move up and down the neck. I also feel in love with the way it would slap. It pickups are amazing. It has two hums. The tuning machines are awsome. It is very easy to tune. I enjoy the MasterTone Push/Pull "Rail Tapping". I also enjoy the bridge.

Well there is not much to like about this bass. The only problem, which doesent make a difference in the sound, is the paint. It has a couple of wavy marks in the finish. That is the only thing that i could find wrong with this bass.

It has a bolt on neck with a North American Alder body. I think that this guitar will last me a long time. The quality is great!!!

This is an awsome bass and should be added to any bass players collection.

Jake Wilmot (punk rawk still lives) rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-11.

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