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I ordered this guitar from for $279.00 retails for over 800 bucks.

This guitar has some heavy crunching pickups and is a very important tool for hard rock. This guitar beats Ibanez, Jackson, ESP, B.C. Rich hands down. It came shipped to me UPS. Imediately I opened the box and put strings on it and tuned and adjusted the Floyd Rose. It had a nice clean finish transparent sunburst. There were no flaws in it was perfect! I have A Gibson with EMG-81 and Seymour Duncan SH-16 on it. I find myself picking up my Kramer alot more. I plugged it in to my Marshall amp and soared off with a few dive bombs and a few heavy Riffs. Amazingly this guitar is awesome! It is in every bit the same category of more expensive non-American made guitars. For the Price it was hard to beat. I take this to my gigs and play with a few friends who always compliment it and want to try it! I definately recomend it, the new Kramers haven't gotten the coverage they deserve these guitars are tough. Likes the Made To Rock Hard neck plate lives up to it's motto.

There was nothing I didn't like just the fact that Kramer is selling so cheap now. I think it's a damn shame.

The Finish was flawless. The input Jack has a nice tight snap when you plug in. The maple neck was smooth and looked very cool. The action was nice in low just perfect. The neck was thin feels great to play. The Gotoh tuners feel nice and tight they aren't loose like some guitars. The pickups sound really mean too!

I feel this is a great buy and I felt very pleased and would recomend checking out This guitar is very nice it snarles and bites. I would recomend these new Kramers to anyone wanting a great guitar for a unbelivable low price.

Trevor Steppe rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-23.

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