Kramer Baretta FR404S Reviews 5 $199 plus shipping great price.

Good playability and sustain low action witout buzzing versatile pickups comfortable contoured body and neck joint neat skull and crossbones tuners.

Only 22 frets. Whammy bar is too far away from the body.

Great fit and finish nothing out of place. GREAT value.I bought a Japanese bolt-on Kramer Focus 6000 in '86 for $400 to try to get close to the feel of my friend's $1200+ Jackson Soloist Neck-thru strat. Now for $199 I'm a heck of a lot closer for half the price I paid for the bolt-on and less than a sixth of the price of the Jackson.

No fancy neck binding or sharkfin inlays but overall it's close and sounds great.

Dandomanus rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-27.

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