Kramer Barretta USA 1985 Reviews 5

I bought this guitar second hand off a good friend of mine who was selling it to me as a favour because of my mid-life crisis of not being able to play the guitar at age 40. He bought it in the UK for 380 in 1985 from a dealer. I paid 400 for it including original case about 14 month ago.

The guitar is an off white colour with a single Schaller twin colour humbucker pickup and only a volume knob. It has a full floyd rose trmelo set up and a hockey stick headstock. I believe the body is solid maple and maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard. The sound this giutar makes is unbelievable and it seems to have a ring to it that I have only ever heard by the JS Ibanez series. Playability is fantastick with a smooth silky thin neck. It will give those guys in limp bizkit a fright as it will chug with the best.

The only thing the guitar lacks is a second pickup near the bridge to give a bit light & shade to a performance. However I intend to add a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom with 4 conductor leads and change the volume pot to a coil tap switchable volume pot to give a slight variation in tones by splitting the coils.

Construction is perfect and the guitar unplugged gives a marvelous tone - this is a good tip for you guys when looking to change your axe.

Find one buy one and make sure it is an original USA version not the mass produced far eastern products now bearing the name of Kramer.

Pete Boston UK axeman rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-20.

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