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You can only buy these guitars through, I have also seen them on sale through ebay. I believe I paid $89+tax.

I am very impressed by the quality of this guitar. Sure it runs under $100, and you would expect a piece of junk not worthy of strumming mary had a little lamb to. This guitar has brought back my faith in beleiving that companies out there can still produce descent quality quitars for relatively little cash. If you are looking for a solid guitar that you can build your skills on, then by all means take a serious look at the Focus. The pickups are not the best, but sound just a notch below the pickups installed on Mexican made Fender Strats. I purchased the Quad Rod pickup kit for my focus, and I swear it now surpasses any Fender Standard Strat that I have played. These pickups are supper quiet, they kind of take away from the classic strat squack because of their humbucking qualities, in return you get a super high output pickup package that was made to shred.

About the only other part that I will change are the tuners. I am changing them not because they go out of tune, but because they are just simply a cheap light weith metal/plastic that brings down the over all look of the guitar. I have purchased some Grover locking tuners which I have yet to install. Hopefully once installed they will not change the over all tone. The guitars balance might be thrown off a bit, but I can live with that, in return for ease of tuning.

I give the costruction a 10+. This might differ from guitar to guitar since they are massed produced... I guess I was lucky, but from reading other reviews, other folks seem please as well. As I mentioned before the pickups are not the best (purchase the Quad Rod package and you can thank me later!), and replace the tuners and stock strings.

I have been playing guitar for about 20 years now and have owned and played mostly classical guitars. I also own a knock off Les Paul which I paid about $300 bucks, and can honestly say that this guitar (regardless of the price) stands up in quality construction to even my most expensive hand made classical guitar. You would think that I worked for MusicYo by all of the praise that I'm spewing out about this guitar, but I am very happy to have made such sound purchase. In my opinion there is no need to spend $349 on a Fender MIM Stratocaster when this guitar will come close and surpass in my opinion because of the low price. Get it!!!

BMitch rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-15.

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