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I bought this after my house burnt. I had always wanted an Explorer so I went looking they were out of stock at so I went to Ebay. I found this guitar for $200 and it was slightly used. It was cool looking and I went for it. It has this evil Matte black finish called black mist and it is cool except for the dust that collects on it. And another thing the tuners never go out of tune even if they do it is so slight you can't really notice.

I like the fact that it is made by Kramer a division of Gibson. It is well built very sturdy and loud I mean these pickups are mean sounding they are high out put and the closest thing to active you can get with a passive pickup. some people said that the pickups are muddy and squeal not true that probably has to do with there amp settings and not to mention if they have had it professionally set up so do that then complain if it sounds muddy. I love the playability of this too it has a nice fast neck and the action when I got it was perfect. I would suggest to anyone who wants an explorer to get this it is just awsome it compares and even beats an ESP explorer in some cases depending on the model. It is simple just get it and Rock the world.

I kinda wish the neck was the same color as the body, and that the strap button on the top was behind the body instead of on the top of the body so it would be better weighted at the neck and not fall to the floor when you let go of it. Other than that there is nothing I dislike about it. I am actually planning on upgrading to active pickups but the ones that are in it are good enough that most people wouldn't know the difference.

Like I said before it is bulit strong and sturdy and it will probably never be replaced unless I break it.

Botom line is simple If you want a cool guitar that is a unique shape and want great metal and rock tones get this thing it will rock your socks off and your listeners. Ability not included.

Dave the Metal head rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-29.

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