Kramer Imperial w/ diamond plate Reviews 5

I bought it off of for a sale price of a mere $200, its normally $300+.

1. THE PRICE! $200 is peanuts for a quality explorer-style guitar. 2.the pickups: ever hear of quarails? well think of the dimebucker, got it? now double it on the same pickup! yeah, as in each pickup has 4COILS!! 4! 3. the diamond plate: yeah, its real look at it this way, its the ex351-d with a bolt on neck and ONGODLY pickups for 300 bucks less WHERE THE F%CK DO I SIGN UP!?!?

the pickups may have TOO MUCH gain, it queals alot and its heavy, other than that, i love it

awesome, indestructable


mike rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-28.

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