Kramer Pacer FT202S Reviews 4

At, For $100 U.S. , which adds up with shipping and taxes, when you live in Canada. But well worth it.

The overall design is flawless, the paint job and wood quality are top notch. The neck is super fast, and it plays, and sounds great. I got way more than my money's worth.

because overall construction and structure of the guitar is superb, and is of quality wood, there's got to be a catch for $100, right. Well yeah the electronics could be better the pickups are descent, the bridge is undesirable. But with and EMG-81and EMG-85 combo, this thing rawks. Now for the bridge a I'm debating a tune-o-matic or a Floyd-rose(or simmilar high quality bridge). But i think I'll go with the Floyd-Rose and get a Dillion or two with the tune-o-matic bridge.

Great wood, attention to detail, paint job, construction, descent electronics, typical beginers tremolo bridge.

A great guitar, even better with a few hop-ups. for a 100 beans. I't's well worth the money with the EMG pickups and the new bridge this guitar will blow almost all compitition out of the water. Also delivery service is fast and trackable. -For the value its a 5/5 -For quality it's a 4/5 -In comparison to the big boys PRS, Les Paul etc... as is from musicyo ita a 3/5 -" " " " " with hop ups 4/5 There for it's average rating is 16 divided by 4 = 4 thus......

MSG rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-07.

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