Kramer Pacer 89 Made In USA Reviews 4

I love 80s and guitar hero like van halen sambora ecc. so I've take informations about kramer guitars and everyone told me that there is only gear to make rock....kramer the best one. so I ' ve started my search and Ive found one this funtastic guitar in parma( italy) in a a msic shop. great she was used , on sale at 600 euros

floyd rose and hardware

I've noticed some problem on two frets, really used so they scream when we pick with heavy force. you know it's used

all the hardware is original by shaller as kramer tradition, hsh configuration with two split coil switch. so great versatility, good for session man like me. I can make every sound. quick neck 22 frets, floyd rose. an intesting fact: truss rod is really ok and super adjustable, giving me a great action. colour is marble green

really great guitar with superb action made to rock!! extra fast unit with everytype of sound config. sorry for my english I'm italian

kkkkamos rated this unit 4 on 2002-09-23.

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