Kramer Pacer Dual Humbuckers Reviews 4

Needed a good, cheap guiater. The piture of the guitar in the 2002 Buyers Guide looked like Tom Morello's (I was heavily into RATM), and at the time the price was only 99 dollars. Got it at along with an amp and accesories for an additional hundred something dollars.

Its a strong, fast guitar. The neck plays smooth and the pickups have a nice crunch. It stays in tune pretty good (without any tremelo use) The price was really low.

The tremelo eats shit! Knocks everything off tune. The pots wore out pretty quick (within the first five months) and the switch also needed to be fixed after a while. The frets pop up slighty after two years of use. Also, Musicyo has trouble with their stocking. They are always getting delayed in when their products are coming in stock.

Strong, light. Nice neck for the price range. Solid construction and nice black paint.

Good guitar for the price. I could see that same guitar for 250 dollars or even 275 dollars. Musicyo has raised the price about 30 bucks, which is fucked up, but hey, it is still a good guitar.

Glenn Danzig rated this unit 4 on 2004-07-15.

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