Kramer Pacer FT-202S Reviews 5 Paid 'bout $110 :-0

In the beginning, I planned to buy this guitar as a b-day present for my friend... BUT when this beautiful baby arrived in metallic red, I just lost control! I loved it, so I spend 'bout 8 hours setting everything up... as a result I got ready to roll heavy metal machine with perfect innotation, no fret buzz, very smooth and fast action and etc... I've been playin' all nite long and then ordered another one next mornin (for my friend)! Lemme give ya a little description of what you gettin' for $120+ dollars ( :-0 ): The best guitar design I've ever seen, no stupid curves and etc, just a killin' shape of 80's heavy metal machine with Kramer's famous Banana headstock (not reversed)! Also, the back of the neck is painted which is unusual but looks very kool! Electronics is pretty good, This baby has a two point floating tremolo (It's not Floyd Rose of course, but very nice), 2 high-output humbuckers (by the way, these are pretty good pickups: the clean tone is not as brilliant as Gibson's 490R BUT even better than some Ibanez Powersounds, the distortion REALLY BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF MY AMP, mostly I'm playing in the style of Metallica, so I don't use any MIDS at all, LOWS AND HIGHS are great), BUT THIS IS KRAMER, KRAMER DOESN'T build guitars to play some folks & jazz or other crap... KRAMERS ARE MADE TO ROCK HARD!!! Die Cast machine heads are pretty stable also...

Actually, the only thing I dislike about this baby is: I think this is crazy to sell such a great instrument for such money!!! :-() $110 :-()

In conclusion, I'd like to say that this is A BAD ASS GUITAR that should be sold for at least $400-500... BUT IT'S ONLY 'bout $110 dollars! C'MON PEOPLE, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

I play Pacer more often than my Jackson DKMG with EMG's because it rocks... Right now it sounds even better after installing Duncan JB at the bridge and Duncan JAZZ at the neck! So what are you waitin' for? Cristmas? GO N' BUY IT!!! HAVE FUN!

Kirk Hammet :-) rated this unit 5 on 2002-03-17.

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