Kramer S-422CR Striker Custom Reviews 3

Purchased through because I have a late '80s Kramer ZX30H that came stock with EMG pickups and it has been a solid guitar. Was looking for something that was different (and cheap). It had as a translucent finish. Bought at $229 but a week later it went on sale for $189 (you'd think they would have let someone know, jerks)

After being told it had a solid translucent finish, it arrived and with a translucent fade finish. Still a nice looking guitar. The pickups are a little high-ended, great for metal/hard rock (hense the "made to rock" statement on the neck plate). Price is excellent! Thin body which was strange at first, but really nice to drag around the house and sit with. Has a Tune-O-matic tail which I like alot also.

Kind of wanted more robust pickups, but this is a rock axe and I should have known. Thought the head stock was a little over extended, but that's a personal preference. String buzz due to neck problem.

Didn't like the fact that there were some small black flakes in the translucent finish, probably got in during the drying phase. To small to see from 10 feet, but when it's sitting in your lap, you can't miss them. The neck was all out of wack causing a lot of string buzz. Thought it looked funny, went to a local shop that resells the same models and check, theirs were fine. Neck was bolted on wrong and was slanting. Not cool, but fixable.

I really like the guitar, except for the thing I've mentioned. If I could get this guitar without the neck/finish problems I would buy another. Don't like the fact that you can't try before you buy. Bottom line: I sent it back, added another $100 bought a Fender Mim Telecaster which I was able to test out, inspect and talk to a live person. (MusicYo only deals with you through E-mail, which takes them 24 hours to responsed).

bswayngim rated this unit 3 on 2001-12-15.

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