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280$+tx CAN It was a used model at a little music shop in my town. I bought it because the guitar looked REALLY nice and I was in need of a better guitar than my Samick :P lol (yes I know you are laughing your head off, but I hadn't money to buy a good one.:P)

Very metal-feel guitar. Delicious curves and red metallic paint. It's beautiful. It's like a ferrari dude. It rocks. The frets are well arranged and the dots are very well done. The guitar itself is VERY appealing and is the kind of guitar not used in pop. :P (if you know what I mean). This guitar was meant for like Thrash/Speed/Death/Black metal. And when I play this stuff, the sound rules. This guitar has attitude. :D I LOVE it !

It does a noise in my amp. A loud noise when i put my distortion pedal on. It's the only default with the fact that the weight is pretty big for the guitar. Well the guitar is pretty big, but a little lighter would have been perfect. ;) you know, it's harder to jump and to thrash :P. Also the tremolo is not the best I've seen but I almost never use it. :P hehe

The guitar itself is very well built. It's heavy duty. No cheap stuff you buy at Radio Shack. This is a real guitar. :P The neck is really cool shaped (curved with a metal feel) and the bridge on mine is a Floyd Rose. (which is good) :)

This guitar rule. Any metalhead, get this guitar, NOW! You will be completely satisfied. :D I also play mellow stuff on it and it rules also. But this guitar was MADE for METAL. Just remember that : KRAMER STRIKER 300 ST = MADE FOR METAL :D :D :D :P have fun !

Martin Pleau rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-03.

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