Kramer Striker FR422S/D Reviews 5

I was looking for a nice cheap guitar to begin with and while browsing the net I came across I fell inlove with the Baretta's/Strikers instantly and after looking up many favourable reviews I picked up the Striker FR422S/D for an unbelievable $169

Too put it simply this guitar does exactly what it says on the hard! The quad rail and dual rail pickups have amazing oomph, and absolutely no hum! With the neck pickup selected you get an unbelievably smooth tone and the lead pickup has so much crunch it's perfect for the budding shredder! The Floyd Rose is great, it really stands up to vigorous workout without going out of tune...and believe me I've put it through hell!

There were no major things I disliked about it apart from the fact that it was my first guitar and I was quite plainly terrified of the floyd rose for months. It was only when I plucked up the courage to start tinkering I got the most out of it. The supplied D-Tuna is completely useless and I took it off after 3 months. I haven't looked back since though!

The overall construction of the guitar is sweet with no major malfunctions! Just to nit pick I have to say that the input jack is a bit too loose and I get an annoying crackle whenever the lead moves about in it. Other than that it's top quality!

Too sell such a great guitar at such a low price is a crime! I don't think you'll find another guitar in that price range that can match up to it. I've been playing for a year and I've put it through hell and it's still going strong!

Steve Black rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-30.

Purchased through MUSICYO.COM for the insane low price of $169.99 plus shipping.I was looking for a reasonably low priced guitar to add to my collection. I was considering a Squire but after reading all the hype about the revised Kramer line, I decided to give them a look.

Right out of the box the guitar feels like an old friend. It is confortable to hold and easy to play. The finish is excellent and the styling of the instrument is modern while tipping it's hat to the Strat styling we all know and love. The tremelo system is stable and this guitar stays in tune no matter what I do to it. The push pull coil tap is a nice touch along with the EVH D-Tuna.

It would be slap in the face of the guiar god's to nitpick an instrument this inexpensive when it plays so great. I have been playing it to death for almost 6 months without a major issue. The cord input jack did develop a problem, but immediately shipped me a replacement. I was able to install it my self without any problems.

The guitar is solid. The paint is a black sparkle finish and high quality. The neck is tight and stays that way. All the switches and knobs feel substantial and operate smooth and consistant.

The voicing of the pickups makes the guitar a better shredder as opposed to an expressive blues or jazz instrument. Never-the-less the incredible playability of the instrument should be inspiring to any style musician. I havn't picked up my Les Paul in 6 months!!!

Ken in Philly rated this unit 5 on 2001-06-27.

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