Kramer VT211S Fat Boy Reviews 4, they seem to be the only supplier. Paid roughly 100 bucks for the deluxe edition in the Fatpack (included amp/case/etc...) Not a bad deal IMO

CHEAP, and not a bad guitar. Yes I am very new to the guitar scene, but it feels good in my hands and, to me, is well worth the cash spent. The finish, Metallic Candy Green, just looks sweet, real nice paint job.

The pickgaurd is easily scratched, but who wants a guitar that looks unused? hehe The action was set low, considering from what I read most guitars come high from the factory. The low E string has considerable fret buzz, I adjusted it just a little hoping I wouldn't ruin the sound, seemed to help some. I plan on having a shop take a look at it. 2 of the knobs were loose and continued to turn around and around, thats easily fixed though. The last thing was the 1/4" out plug, it kept coming loose, I retighten the nut on a regular basis. All in all nitpicky things, I am very happy with this guitar.

Feels very solid, great paint job. It's taken a couple of small "hits" with no dents or visible damage to the wood/paint.

Great guitar, GREAT price. Get the action fixed for the low E fret buzz and its damn near perfect.

Bo Jamison rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-18.

I purchased through the only place to get them; the internet retailer for a pittance.....$79.99. You can't beat the price.

If you have read any of the reviews about any of the Kramer Focus guitars one thing gets repeated; "hey, this is a great little guitar for a great little price." I already have the VT111S model but wanted something with a little more "oomph" to it. This model has a humbucker in the bridge position. I purchased the Vintage Sunburst finish and it's sharp. My other model is the metallic Lake Placid blue. And to echo other reviews, it too is sharp! Basically this thing screams and is very easy to play. Now, I'm kind of a rookie but have played a few high end guitars from the "you're not worthy" section of the store and this plays just as nice. Who know, could be because I don't know any better.

The action is set low and there was a lot of string buzz. I had the guitar restrung and set up and a customer guitar store and it now sounds perfect. Sometimes it just takes a little tweaking.

Basically this doesn't look like I paid $79.99 for it. The finish is great. This model has a white pickguard which is nicer looking than the black one on my VT111S. However, I would prefer some top hat style knobs versus the bare bones chrome ones that came with it.

Again, to echo other reviewers....value, value, value. Why pay a heck of a lot more for something when you don't have to. The only reason I've bought 2 is that, at that price, you can't go wrong.

Greg S. rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-27.

Purchased from for 84.95

This was a cheap entry level guitar which was what I was looking for. I'd just started to play and it looked like a good deal. I got the guitar and out of the box it looked great. There were no visible flaws, scratches and the candy apple red finish was beautiful. It sounded pretty good when I plugged it in, not as great as everyone else says. I have seen a lot better and I wouldn't put it up against Strats and PRS like everyone else but It wasn't bad for 84.95

The action was terrible. The neck was worse. Had significant backbow and adjusting it didn't help. Fret buzz all over the place. Had it adjusted, it made it worse! If you get fret buzz send it back. Don't think they have any quality control in Korea. Some get sweet guitars some get lemons. Most people have a good expierence with these guitars I didn't. Customer service with musicyo is a hassle and they don't have a number you can call. Only by email and they might respond about a week later. Pickups are not that great either. If you plan on using this anywhere besides your bedroom you might consider changing them.

Not bad. Bang it around a lot, have hit it on everything in my room desk, bedpost, bookcase, i've dropped it and haven't put a scratch on it. If it wasn't for that god awful neck I might be able to play it.

Give it a try. Most of the guitars don't sound as bad as mine. IF you don't get one you like keep sending it back until you get a new one. I was stupid enough to wait until after the 30 day return policy ran out to have it set up at the music shop. I intend to pawn it or put it in a garage sale or something and I'm going to purchase a new guitar (not a kramer) now that I have a little more money saved up.

Rick rated this unit 2 on 2001-06-27.

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