Kramer K-10 Guitar Amp Reviews 4

Bought it at I got with my Kramer Focus as a practice setup. Purchased for $39.99.

I like the distortion and effects, its got a boost, or overdrive, on it along with a gain effect. Its very small and sturdy, and it has a back stand that directs the sound right up to you. You can also hook your headphones up to it and mute the speakers, but the jack has to be 1/4". Sounds great with effects.

Too much feedback. If you buy one of the pedals made to surppress noise, like DigiTech's Noise Surpressor is excellent. The only other thing is that when the guitar is clean, the sound is too thick, it just sounds like there is about 100 strings being played instead of six. But its not that big of a deal, just play it with the volume a little lower.

Excellent. I've carried it everywhere, dropped it, and it hasn't even scratched. Its very sturdy with reinforced corners.

Try it out, its an excellent practice amp, plenty loud for anyone's house for just guitar practice. Actually, its very loud for 10w. I would recommend it, unless you have a Marshall, of course.

Michael rated this unit 4 on 2004-06-14.

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