Kramer K10S Reviews 3

Christmas present-40 dollars on

it's CHEAP. The distortion is jammin', and it can get pretty loud for 10 watts. The kickstand directs the sound up at you, which is good.

This DOES NOT play clean. Unless you turn the volume down to about 3 and the volume knob all the way up on your axe, you're gonna get some nasty unwanted feedback... Maybe it's just mine. I was playing through a Kramer Focus (very underrated guitar) and I know it's not the instrument.

Put together well, actually. It seems tightly constructed, I think that's the one aspect that exceeds the cost of the unit.

It' a Forty dollar amp. It only plays clean quietly. But it's a ten watt practice amp...if you want clean, unplug your guitar. I you want distortion, use this. The bottom line, I think, was the price. For 40 bucks, it's just barely better than average, so I gave it a 3.

Ryan rated this unit 3 on 2003-12-27.

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