Krank Revolutions Head w Full Stack Reviews 5

i traded a 1967 starocaster for this full stack amp and and they also gave me 3500.00 in cash.. purchashed from action sound in kilgore texas. the reason i chose this amp it was the best sounding amp in the store and the the most durable looking one also....

the sound is awsome..i'm 46 yers old and have been playing since i was six years old.. i also own a line 6 ax2-12 amp and a peavey 200 watt half stack but it is transister--so the krank is the first tube amp i've owned and there is know comparison to transister amps..when i put master volume on 3 and gain on 5 evry body has to leave the house-my ears ring for hours after playing it ,but unbelievable it sounds fantastice at very low volumes--the clean channel is absolutly beautiful-i could go on and on but i'm getting tired of typing

mike howell rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-19.

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